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Engineering Levels at Invitation Homes

  • This document outlines common expectations and examples of an engineer’s skills and responsibilities at each level. It is intended for individual reference and for discussion between engineers and their managers. Please use this as a guide, not a checklist — not every item will apply to every engineer.
  • This document presents a matrix of possibilities for career growth, not merely a one-way ladder. Careers may include lateral movement, and there is no expectation that every engineer seek nor attain every level. There is room for growth, development, recognition, and a rich engineering career at different levels.
  • Generally speaking, it is expected that engineers will already exhibit many of the skills of the next level to be considered for promotion to that level.
  • An engineer may have a mix of skill levels across the different categories (e.g. SE2 in Communication, SE3 in Software Architecture). Invitation Homes aims to ensure that each engineer is recognized at the most accurate level for their unique skill set and contributions.
  • Positions starting at Staff Engineer and up are management positions, and come with dramatically increased responsibilities and will require a significantly different mix of skills, including working across the engineering and technology organizations. Positions at these levels will be made available as needed to best suit the needs of the engineering organization.

As stated in our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, all associates are expected to be guided by our company’s core values: Unshakable Integrity, Genuine Care, Continuous Excellence, and Standout Citizenship